Fit-Express Clamp System
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Fit-Express clamp system is a modern system for fitting a range of pipes and cables within the dimension range from Ø 10mm to Ø 65mm. The clamps can be used both indoors and outdoors. The system can be applied to heating systems, sanitary systems, mechanical systems and power supply systems.

Fit-Express provides for a 50% shorter assembly time as compared to the conventional sealing clamps, unlimited assembly options, and highly convenient assembly, suitable particularly for works at heights.

All Fit-Express clamps and accessories are made of high quality plastic (polyamide 6). This high quality material ensures perfect resistance to temperature and a range of chemicals.


62T1012 10mm - 12mm 100
62T1416 14mm - 16mm 100
62T1620 16,5mm - 20mm 100
62T2023 20mm - 23mm 100
62T2529 25mm - 29mm 50
62T3235 32mm - 35mm 50
62T4045 40mm - 45mm 25
62T4855 48mm - 55mm 25
62T5865 58,5mm - 65mm 20

Faster and easier
Fix Express

Fit Express clamp is sealed when a pipe is entered into the clamp and the clamp is pressed gently afterwards. Therefore, no tools are required to seal the clamp.

The clamp can be opened by levering the seal using a screwdriver or a similar tool.

Two sealing points

The clamp seal is designed universally. It offers two sealing points which render the clamp more functional and fitted ideally to all pipe diameters.

Fix Express

Security of the fitting is ensured by a special design of the system lock. The lock is made in a way that when the semi-clamps engage to encircle the pipe, the fitting position remains fixed even when it is subject to considerable loads.

Serial assembly

Owing to the specialist patented profile at the sides of the clamps, it is possible to join clamps in a series. A fitted clamp can be used to hold more than one pipe. It can also be used to put together the pipelines of both mechanical and power supply systems.

Fix Express

Easy assembly

The fitting can be mounted using screws, M6 bolts, insert pins, or assembly rails.

Fix Express

Additional accessories

Fix-Express clamps can be provided with the following accessories: rail joint and heater connectors spacing adaptor.

Fix Express
Application of rail joint

Fix Express
Rail mounting

Fix Express
Application of heater connectors adaptor

Environmental protection, reutilization

The clamps can be reutilized. The product is halide-free.

Design and colour
Fix Express

The handle has a functional and modern design, which renders it comfortable at work. The handles are dyed in RAL 7035.

Technical characteristics
  • Made of modified polyamide 6 (nylon).
  • Halogen-free.
  • Utilizable.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals.
  • Work temperature from –40ºC to +90ºC
  • For both indoor and outdoor use.

Fix Express
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