Assembly of<br />PVC-C / PVC-U

Below is THE JOINING METHOD of NIBCO PVC-U and PVC-C system:

1. Before solvent cementing the system components together, one should perform the so-called "dry connection" in order to check the accuracy of pipes and fittings. The pipe should easily enter the pipe socket up to 2/3 of its depth.

2. It is best to cut the tubes with special cutters or, in the case of the pipes of bigger diameter, with a wheel cutter. You can also cut the ends of pipe square using a fine-toothed hand saw.

3. The ends of pipes should be chamfered. It prevents the solvent cement from being scraped while putting the pipe into the socket of the fitting. The file dust and all other impurities should be removed with a dry rag.

4. Before the proper solvent cementing, the Primer should be used in order to soften joined elements. Then the cement should be applied to cleaned surfaces. In case of using ONE STEP cement, the use of Primer is not required.

5. The process of cementing should not exceed one minute. After inserting pipe into the socket the fitting should be turned by 1/4 to ensure the uniform solvent cement covering

6. The connected elements should be pressed together for 15 to 30 seconds in order to prevent the pipe from backing out of the socket. The glue excess is removed with a dry rag. With a proper connection there appears an even bead of cement at the contact point of the elements

7. In order to join PVC-U and PVC-C pipes and fittings proper solvent cements, recommended by NIBCO Sp. z o.o. should be used.

8. For joining NIBCO cold water systems with other systems (PP, PB, etc.) male adapters (PVC-C or PVC-U) are acceptable. For hot water to join NIBCO system with other ones the use of transition unions is obligatory.

We offer all kinds of accessories, tools and cements. Please read our leaflet "recommendation for contractors" where you will find useful installation hints.

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