NIBCO Sp. z o.o.     e-mail: nibco@nibco.com.pl

General Manager: Radoslaw Gorecki GoreckiR@nibco.com.pl

Sales Manager: Piotr Kasztelan KasztelanP@nibco.com.pl



Main Office:
ul. PKP 6, 92-402 Lodz, tel. +48/0/42 677 56 00, fax +48/0/42 677 56 10 nibco@nibco.com.pl

Customer service:
ul. PKP 6, 92-402 Lodz, tel. +48/0/42 677 56 34, fax +48/0/42 677 56 10 zamowienia@nibco.com.pl

ul. PKP 6, 92-402 Lodz, tel. +48/0/42 677 56 21, fax +48/0/42 677 56 20

KRS 0000039964, Sąd Rejonowy dla Łodzi-Śródmieścia w Łodzi,
XX Wydział KRS, NIP 728 10 23 998, Kapitał zakł. 11 767 080,00 PLN


NIBCO takes the protection of its customers' personal information very seriously. You can generally browse our Web site without providing any personal information. There are only a few places where we request a small amount of personal information; and we want to make sure that you understand what that information is used for and how it will be protected. We make every effort to ensure that any data collected is accurate, timely and secure.

NIBCO does not rent or sell the customer information entered on this site.

Generally, the information NIBCO collects helps us to provide you with the latest product information, promotional information and other information that we feel you may find useful. If you have provided personal information, but do not wish to receive further information from NIBCO, you can simply respond to our e-mail and tell us that you do not want to receive future communications. You must be 13 years or older to submit any personal information.

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