PVC-C and PVC-U Pipes & Fittings

Every person who makes a decision to install a sanitary system must at the same time decide whether to use metal or plastic components.

This technological alternative is determined by many factors.
NIBCO PVC-C and PVC-U sanitary systems are optimal for both hot- and cold-water distribution systems and they meet all posible demands of investors, constructors and users, for it is both durable and highly reliable.

NIBCO PVC-C and PVC-U sanitary systems

They are characterized by:

  1. Increased impact value in low temperatures
    (In the case of PVC-C FGG).

    Zwiększoną odpornością na uderzenia ...
  2. One of the lowest linear expansion among all plastic-made systems.

    Jednym z najmniejszych współ­czynników wydłużalności liniowej ...
  3. One of the lowest known thermal conductivity co-efficient among all materials used in sanitary systems.

    Prostym montażem wymagającym jedynie nożyc i kleju
  4. Simple assembling which requires the use of tubing cutter and solvent cement only (there is no need to apply any kind of threader, soldering iron or thermo fusion set). The installation is equally easy in the places of difficult access (e.g. in mineshafts). Job site does not have to be equipped with electric power supply.

    Prostym montażem wymagającym jedynie nożyc i kleju
  5. Absense of corrosion or scaling

    Długowiecznością i najwyższą i jakością wykonania. Rury i złączki są produkowane wyłącznie w zakładach posiadających znak jakości ISO-9002
  6. The highest possible quality and lifetime.

    Nie podtrzymywaniem procesu palenia
  7. No combustion process sustaining.
  8. 50-year warranty period for PVC-C and PVC-U pipes anf fittings.



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