1. NIBCO sp.z o.o. guarantees that plumbing pipes from PVC-C / PVC-U/Pex-Al-Pex and fittings from copper, PVC-C /PVC-U/Pex-Al-Pex are free from production and material defects.

  2. The guarantee is valid for:

    * 50 years from the purchase date of NIBCO products. Warranty covers PVC-C and PVC-U fittings, pipes and wrot copper fittings. 

    * 20 years from the purchase date of NIBCO products. Warranty covers Pex-Al-Pex pipes and fittings.                                                                                                                                                  

  3. The guarantee includes only complaints regarding the defects of pipes and fittings bought by the client at NIBCO Sp.z o.o. or NIBCO Sp. z o.o. sales chain.
  4. NIBCO sp.z o.o. guarantees the replacement of the defected product on the house within 30 days from receiving the complaint or within the time agreed with the client.
  5. The guarantee will be accepted only in case of presenting the purchase proof in the form of an invoice or cash register printout, which are not dubious that the product was bought in the NIBCO Sp. z o.o. sales chain.
  6. The guarantee is limited to repair cost or product replacement.
  7. The guarantee becomes void in the following cases:

    • the pipes and fittings were not installed in accordance with the instruction
    • the product was not stored nor used properly
    • pipes and fittings were not used in accordance with their application (see "application")
    • damage was "force-majeur" type (lightning, building disaster, fire, flood, etc)
    • damage was caused by external reason, physical or chemical ie. agressive water



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