Omezeni systému

  • NIBCO systems are compatible with various chemical compounds. Before installation, however, the compound to be transmitted should be approved by NIBCO Sp z o.o. by applying in writing for approval detailing the type of compound, its density, operating temperature, and pressure.
  • NIBCO plastic systems must not be used for transmission of compressed air and gas. It should not be used for central vacuum cleaning systems.
  • All sources of hot water (hanging stoves, furnaces, etc.) should be equipped with a properly functioning temperature monitoring and regulating device that prevents system temperature to rise above its limitation values. Heating sources should be connected to PVC-C installation by means of metal connector pipe with a minimum length of 25 cm in order to protect it against the heating source directly heating the pipes. In the case of standing stoves, we advise the use of metal pipe with a minimum length of 1m (this especially applies to devices with outer surfaces that can reach high temperatures). In case of wood-fired or coal-fired boilers PVC-C systems should not be applied.

The possibility of using NIBCO PVC-C pipe for hot water systems together with flow heaters, both gas and electric, depends upon the manufacturer of these heaters. The manufacturer also establishes the way of connecting the pipe to the heater (inlet and outlet).



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